World Intellectual Property Day 2019

About Program

Sports have become a multi-billion dollar global industry – one that generates investment in facilities (from sports stadia to broadcasting networks), employs millions of people around the world, and entertains many more. Business relationships built on IP rights help to secure the economic value of sports. This, in turn, stimulates growth of the industry by enabling sporting organizations to finance the events we savor, and by providing the means to promote sports development at the grassroots.

We look at how sports businesses use patents and designs to foster the development of new sports technologies, materials, training, and equipment to help improve athletic performance and engage fans worldwide.

We find out how trademarks and branding maximize commercial revenue from sponsorship, merchandising and licensing agreements. These revenues offset the cost of organizing world class events, such as the Olympic Games and World Cup series, and ensure that the value and integrity of these spectacular events are safeguarded.

We look at how sports personalities are able to generate earnings from sponsorship deals with brand owners and by leveraging their own brands as athletes.

We explore how broadcasting rights underpin the relationship between sport and television and other media that bring fans ever closer to sporting action.

We zoom in on some of the game-changing technological advances in robotics and artificial intelligence that are driving change in all sports fields.

This year’s campaign is an opportunity to celebrate our sporting heroes, and all the people around the world who are innovating behind the scenes to boost sports’ performance and its global appeal.

WIEF and IALM takes this opportunity to celebrate World IP Day 2019” “Run for Gold”

Join Us in celebration the power of sports to engage and inspire, to innovate and to unite us all in pushing the boundaries of human achievements. This year World IP Day celebration is to motivate each and everyone involved in the sports domain from Gully to Olympic or World series.

We bring to you World IP Day 2019 at Constitution Club of India on 26th April 2019 - taking a closer look into the future of sports!!