Unleashing the Real colors of women And

Activating change agent to accelerate equality

Indian Women Excellence and Leadership Awards (I-WELA 2.0)

We believe in the power of women –
we believe in her entrepreneurial spirit –
to tackle challenges, transform communities, create opportunities,
spur economic growth and close the opportunity gap that confronts far too many lives.
With this edition WIEF will be unleashing the real colors women and activating the change makers of the society.

About Us

Stepup 360 – is a new age ecosystem enabler to help women startups and smes to elevate their dream and make it a reality. Stepup 360 envisions to provide a 360 degree support to the women in business with a vision to enable every women to be financially independent. We provide support for women startups and smes (Mentoring – Networking – Funding – GoTo Market) all under one roof, with an ultimate vision to become India’s largest incubation & mentoring platform for Women.

Stepup 360, through events and programs, promotes the culture and awakens the policy makers to take real action for women business ecosystem. We make sure that every women participating gets something out of these programs, either networking, business, funding, partnering etc. These session provide huge knowledge dissemination for startups and smes and many times ideas to start, or many a times motivating and awakening the minds.

Indian Women Excellence and Leadership Awards (I-WELA), is our flagship event, to recognize and applaud the women achievers, leaders and change makers. This is second edition of I- WELA. We continuously hunt for women across country who actually have fought all the odds to reach their destination. I-WELA is not only about the women entrepreneurs but also about the women leaders and the change makers of the society.