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National leadership Summit on Women and Education 2019

Focus on Women Empowerment & Education Reformation
Indian Women Excellence and Leadership
Awards (I-WELA 2.0)

Date : 18th February 2019
Venue: Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi

The Women in Leadership Summit provides an interactive platform to exchange views and reflect upon the challenges and opportunities faced by Indian women in achieving Entrepreneurial and leadership roles.
It will provide learning from their path-breaking experiences to create strong women entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a platform for like-minded professionals (women & men) who feel gender is an important organizational issue which impacts the profitability and the overall health of the institution and also impacts the social setup of a region.
Every year, in the summit, nearly100 startups either funded or cofounded by women and around 300 other companies senior leaders gather from various fields including Business, Service industry, Technology, Government, Arts, Social Services, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment gather in to discuss barriers to women advancement in India. Successful leaders and entrepreneurs across all walks of life share their journeys to success which is a learning experience for individuals and organizations in creating strategies and environment essential to women achieving their potential.